It’s funny to think about now, but there was a time when everyone knew exactly where their food came from. They knew the farmers by name, the land where they worked, and how their produce was grown. Nowadays, we shop blindly for the most essential resource in life: food. Let’s change that.

When you shop at FarmBox, you know exactly who grows your food. You know where and how it was grown. You’ll feel safe knowing that your apple wasn’t processed in a factory by an anonymous source. It’s time to go back to the way things were.

While working on a farm, Reisha experienced firsthand how difficult it is for a small-scale farmer to sell their harvest. As a nutritionist, she also saw an incredible lack of local and organic produce available to her clientele. Her dream was to find a solution to both problems and create a level of trust and convenience to bridge the gap between farmers and families. This was the spark that soon became FarmBox.

Though it began with a structure similar to a more traditional CSA, FarmBox has now grown into an online grocery store working with over 100 partner farmers and artisans. All the produce is picked to order when it’s ripe and bursting with flavor. There’s nothing better than eating food that tastes the way it’s supposed to!

When you order from FarmBox LA, you can trust that you and your family are getting fresh, local products and supporting environmentally-friendly farms. Click here to read about our Farmers and Artisans.

Comfort: With crops picked to order at their peak, you’re assured the freshest produce available all while supporting local California farmers and artisans. You can learn where your produce was grown, who grew it, and how they did. Every piece of fruit has a story. You should know that story.

Convenience: We’ve done our best to make shopping local even easier than going to the grocery store. The average person spends over an hour a week grocery shopping; Time which would be better spent on almost anything else. With FarmBox we deliver your food straight to your door! Skip the hassle, confusion, and uncertainty of grocery stores and cross one more thing off your weekly errand list.

Consistency: Here’s how it works: Select which FarmBox is right for you. No matter the size or dietary habits of your household, you can customize your weekly FarmBox to have everything you need and make adjustments as you’d like! After that, take a look at our other awesome groceries! From pantry goods to household essentials, we offer everything essential to saving yourself countless trips to the store. Finally, just place your order and we’ll deliver right to your door!

Community At FarmBox, we are dedicated to a zero waste policy. Before your next delivery, make sure to leave last week’s baskets, bins, packages, and food scraps for our drivers. We pride ourselves on using reusable materials and composting all of your scraps for you. Together we can help cut down on food waste and make the world that much better!

The FarmBox family strives to make your life easier with food that’s local, nutritious, and all around amazing. We thank our customers for supporting local farmers and artisans and helping us all be eco-friendly rockstars!

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